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IntelliPosture™️ - Vibrating Upper Back Posture Corrector

IntelliPosture™️ - Vibrating Upper Back Posture Corrector

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Do you sit hunched at a desk all day, suffering from dreadful posture and tech neck?

Our intelligent vibrating posture trainer will give you the posture you have always dreamed of in just three weeks, or your money back guaranteed. 


The Upper Back Posture Corrector uses posture correction to relieve back pain and increase blood flow. It’s worn just like a backpack, without a pack. When used, the shoulders are pulled backwards, and the chest muscles are stretched to counteract the slouching position common when sitting at a computer.

The Key Indicators For Long Term Pain Relief

  • Relieves back pain with posture correction
  • Improves circulation through spinal alignment
  • Improves your mood by increasing blood flow throughout your body
  • Reminds you to improve your posture

Transform Your Back in Just 21 Days

When you aren't stuck at your desk, you're staring at your phone shooting off some emails or catching up on the news. 

This leads to forward head posture and the development of an unsightly neck hump. The pain in your neck and neck hump is known as "tech neck".

The Posture Right™ - Intelligent Vibrating Posture Trainer uses the power of habit formation to instantly eliminate "tech neck", neck humps and forward head posture. 

In just three weeks, you will have perfect posture or we will provide a full refund on your purchase.

Posture improvement after 21 days

Comfortable, Adjustable & Robust

Comfort is king for our customers, so we have invested in high quality, non-irritating, stretchy straps that make our device so damn comfortable you will forget you have it on! 

Its discreet design ensures it can be taken anywhere and worn underneath clothing. 

It's the most convenient posture solution on the market!

IntelliPosture Details

Frequently Asked Questions

• How long can you wear the Upper Back Posture Corrector?

We recommend starting off with a short period of time, such as 30 minutes, and gradually moving up.

• Is it normal to have acute pain after using it the first and second times?

Yes, the Upper Back Posture Corrector is retraining your muscles to maintain proper posture. As this happens, your muscles will strength, sometimes causes minor aches. However, over time, the pain from poor posture should go away.

• Can you exercise while wearing the Upper Back Posture Corrector?

We recommend leaving it at home while you exercise because it will restrict your range of motion and possibly cause more pain.