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"My posture is so much better now!" - Deborah B.

"Almost completely eliminated my neck hump." - Joanne D.

"My neck hump in noticeably better!" - Irene E.

"I'm a nurse, we put people in traction all the time." - Regina C.

"It eliminates my neck pain." Taylor D.

"literally the best thing I've purchased." Jennifer H.

Physician Review
mLab really created something unique here. The Neck Cloud not only treats neck pain and neck hump extremely effectively but also helps maintain a natural posture and flexibility thus preventing any future issues and injuries." - Dr. Murguia

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Definitely works
“mLab has almost completely eliminated my neck hump. I have far less neck pain and am standing up much straighter. I absolutely love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants better posture.”
Joanne D.
Austin TX
Neck Pain Therapy
"I have a lot of neck pains which sometimes go to my arms because of the posture I am taking all day due to office work. After a day of work, I look forward to relaxing 10 min with my relaxer. Think of it like this: we almost never really relax anymore so these 10 min are the least we can do. It's a great relief for my spine and neck/head muscles."
Cindy M.
Messa AZ
So Far So Good!
"I was doubtful that this would help and I looked at devices like this online--wrote customer service to ask why theirs would be better than others....loved the personalized and prompt response. I bought one for myself and it keeps disappearing to my son's room. I'll have to get him his own. I can feel my stiff neck loosening and feeling better! Thanks!"
Jana H.
Newark NJ
I see a measurable difference
"I love laying on the pillow I use it in the morning while meditate. I also lay on the pillow at night before I sleep and I see a measurable difference"
Jane G.
Palm Beach FL
Such a great product
“I've had a herniated disc and sciatica for 3 years so I tried this out and it really works I haven't had as much neck pain as before. It was such a big relief I use it daily and recommend it for those with similar problems.”
Sophia N.
San Diego CA
“After years of back pain and going to Drs, physical therapy etc I was ready to give up…I have herniated discs in c5-c6 among other issues with my back. This was my last hope and I was not expecting the results I have had. Thank god I did not do the surgery...I have my life back again. I do not crawl out of bed in the morning walking around like a banana any more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can even dance again now and use my elliptical…Thank you so very much.”
Sue H.
Cleveland OH

Start Your Journey To Lasting Pain Relief With Our 60 Day At-Home Trial.