"2 weeks in and the shooting pain down my leg has significantly diminished. I'm amazed at how only investing 10 mins per day has helped alleviate the discomfort and pressure on my sciatic nerve."

- Emily Scott, Los Angeles ★★★★★

SpineAlign - Foam Neck & Back Stretcher



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Struggling Numbing Foot Pain, Swollen Legs, Neuropathy Or Plantar Fasciitis?

Eliminate your feet and leg pain and help your feet to reverse the damage with improved blood flow and better lymph circulation in just 15 minutes a day with the FlexiFoot™️ - EMS Foot Massager, or 100% of your money back guaranteed!

Eliminate foot pain the healthy way (no more painkillers)

Relieves Neuropathy, Soreness & Swelling naturally

Helps your feet to recover & reverse the damage

Healthier Legs in just 60 days or your money back


Suffering from Sciatica, Bulging Discs, Tension Headaches or Migraines?

Decompress your spine to alleviate sciatica pain and discomfort caused by bulging discs in just 10 mins a day with SpineAlign - Foam Neck and Back Stretcher, or 100% of your money back guaranteed!

Stretch your lumbar spine to alleviate sharp, shooting sciatica pain

Increase space between your vertebrae to relieve discomfort from bulging discs

Potentially shield against the progression to disc herniation

Restore your spine's optimal curvature & embrace healthy posture

Alleviate tension headaches and migraines

What Others Are Saying

Lasting Relief from Sciatica Pain

"I felt relief from the first time I used this. Since then, I've used it every day and noticed a remarkable reduction in the pain that used to radiate down my leg. I'm grateful to have found a simple solution that's allowed me to regain my comfort and mobility."

- Grace L., New York

Verified Buyer

A Solution for Bulging Disc Discomfort!

"Dealing with the constant ache of a bulging disc was taking a toll on my everyday life. But now I have much less back pain and discomfort. I use it every single day, it feels so good to lay on, I love it!"

- Sophia G., Texas

Verified Buyer

Farewell Tension Headaches

"I used to get tension headaches multiple times per week. My productivity at work was poor because I could hardly concentrate. Now I lay on this for 5 mins and it takes the edge off significantly. Looking forward to more headache-free days ahead."

- Liam C., Chicago

Verified Buyer

- Mindy Robinson

Verified Buyer

Try this before you do anything

"The patches are effective for a long time. They work so much better than the arthritis creams and they have great "sticking" power. So far, I've had at least one patch that managed to stay on during my regular activities for 24 hours and it was still working. I would recommend these for anyone that needs long term relief.

- Molly Romeo

Verified Buyer

I forgot about my arthritis

"These patches are easy to apply, and they stay on your clean skin pretty well. I have issues with adhesive residue not coming off my skin, and do NOT experience that issue with these. The sensation is one of gentle soothing warmth, which helps to relieve my arthritis and bone spur flareup pain."

- Peter Nordstrom

Verified Buyer

Meniscus is getting better

"I have a destroyed knee, meniscus gone and walking is difficult & painful. So far seems to work extremely well after using them a few times! The knee gets hot so I guess the herbs are doing what they are supposed to do! If you ever considered a surgery, shot or painkillers, just try this first please.."

What SpineAlign Can Do For You

Ease Sciatica

Alleviate Bulging Disc Discomfort

Relieve Tension Headaches

Soothe Migraines

Restore Optimal Spine Curvature

Encourage Healthier Posture

Increased Energy

Better Quality of Sleep

A Natural, Safe, Affordable Alternative to Surgery, Physical Therapy and Chiro

Dealing with the persistent agony of sciatica pain or the discomfort of a bulging disc can feel like an unending struggle. Every step becomes a reminder of the limitations, every moment tainted by the throbbing ache. It's a daily battle that tests your endurance and dampens your spirits.

The options ahead appear daunting – on one side, the looming specter of risky surgery, with its uncertainties and potential complications. On the other, the endless cycle of pricey physical therapy or chiropractic appointments, each session a gamble on whether it will finally bring relief.

It's time to embrace a new path, one that offers hope and a chance for lasting relief. An approach that doesn't just mask the symptoms but addresses the root cause. And a solution that doesn't involve invasive procedures with uncertain outcomes or the financial strain of continuous therapies.

SpineAlign was made to tackle these problems head-on. To provide a natural, safe and affordable solution to relieve sciatica pain, discomfort from bulging discs and tension headaches – while allowing the spine to gradually reverse the damage. So you can break free from the confines of pain and discover a brighter, pain-free future that you truly deserve.

The Root Cause of Sciatica Pain & Bulging Disc Discomfort:

Imagine your spine as a stack of soft cushions. These cushions, or discs, sit between each bone in your spine acting like shock absorbers. Over time, if you're always sitting or standing in a way that squishes these cushions down, they might start to bulge out.

It's a bit like a sandwich being pressed too hard – the filling starts to poke out. When these cushions bulge they can press against important nerves, like the sciatic nerve, causing discomfort or pain that shoots down your leg.

But here's where the magic happens. Just like when you stretch your body after waking up, you can gently stretch your spine. Imagine it's like giving those squished cushions a chance to relax and settle back into place. When your spine stretches, it creates space between the cushions, helping them stop bulging and stay in their proper position.

By using SpineAlign, you're essentially giving your spine a little "breathing room." This helps prevent those cushions from pressing on the nerves, like the sciatic nerve, which can bring relief and comfort to your back and legs. It's like giving your spine a soothing stretch to keep everything in its right place, just like you would with your morning stretches.

Rated 4.8/5 ★★★★★ ⎸ 60 Days Money Back

How SpineAlign Alleviates Sciatica Pain & Bulging Disc Discomfort

Optimal Spinal Decompression

SpineAlign gently stretches your spine at a precisely calibrated 35-degree angle, allowing for a deep stretch without overextending. This enables optimal spinal decompression, which alleviates the compression on the sciatic nerve.

With this pressure removed, you can
feel relief from the sharp, shooting pains often associated with sciatica. This gentle stretch also increases the space between your vertebrae, to help relieve the discomfort caused by bulging discs, offering a potential shield against the progression to disc herniation.

Premium TPE and EVA Construction

Crafted from a blend of premium Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) materials, SpineAlign exemplifies durability, comfort, and safety. The combination of these materials ensures a firm yet cushioned surface that cradles your body with care, providing the ideal support for your spine's natural alignment.

Thoughtful Design With Targeted Relief

Measuring at 13” x 9.5” x 3.5” (33 x 24 x 9 cm), SpineAlign is sized to accommodate various body types comfortably.

With 109 strategically placed acupressure ridges, each session offers a gentle massage-like effect helping to alleviate strains and sprains in your back muscles. The precision-engineered ridges contribute to enhancing circulation, fostering relaxation, and promoting overall well-being.

Reclaiming Healthy Posture

SpineAlign is not merely a tool for relief; it's a holistic solution that naturally restores your spine's optimal curvature. As you lay back on SpineAlign, your muscles are gently retrained to embrace a healthier posture, which helps alleviate stress on crucial areas of your torso throughout the day.

Great For The Neck Too

SpineAlign releases tension in the muscles of the neck and upper back. By gently stretching and elongating these muscles, it helps reduce muscle tightness and discomfort that can contribute to tension headaches and migraines.

How To Use The SpineAlign

Step 1: Set Up SpineAlign

Place SpineAlign on a firm, flat surface.

Step 2: Stretch Your Lower Back Or Neck

Lay your lumbar spine (lower back) or neck on SpineAlign for 10 mins without interruptions.

What's Possible After Using SpineAlign...

For The First Time:

Immediate Pain Relief: Feel the soothing embrace of SpineAlign as it provides instant relief to your sciatica pain and bulging disc discomfort.

Eased Nerve Pressure: Experience the gentle decompression of your spine that targets the root of your discomfort, offering a welcome relief from the shooting pain.

Rekindled Mobility: Rediscover the freedom of movement you thought was lost, as SpineAlign promotes flexibility and loosens tight muscles with just one session.

Welcome the Peaceful Pause: Enjoy a moment of tranquility as you lay back and let SpineAlign cradle you, giving your body a chance to truly relax and recharge.

Experience Natural Alignment: Witness the initial shift in your posture, as SpineAlign subtly encourages proper alignment, alleviating strain on your sciatic nerve and discs.

For 2 Weeks:

Reduced Sciatica Flare-ups: Notice a decrease in the frequency and intensity of pain radiating down your leg, due to the relieved pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Enhanced Disc Comfort: Experience the gradual alleviation of your bulging disc discomfort as the regular use helps in maintaining a healthier spinal position.

Improved Posture: Watch your posture transform over time, standing taller and feeling more confident as your spine aligns naturally and effortlessly.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue: Say goodbye to the constant ache as your muscles imbalances are corrected, allowing you to engage in activities without the fear of overexertion.

Deeper Sleep: Revel in longer and more restful nights, as regular use contributes to improved sleep quality and fewer nighttime disturbances.

For 1+ Months:

Lasting Pain Relief: Rejoice in the long-lasting relief from sciatica pain and bulging disc discomfort, diminishing the need for constant pain management.

Active Lifestyle Revival: Rediscover the joy of an active life, no longer hindered by constant sciatica or bulging disc discomfort. Allowing you to participate in physical activities you love without the fear of aggravating discomfort.

Unleash Your Energy: Experience a surge of energy as your sciatica pain diminishes, freeing up mental and physical resources for a more invigorated daily routine.

Heightened Mind-Body Connection: Notice a deeper connection between your physical well-being and emotional state, as chronic discomfort no longer dominates your thoughts.

Embrace Life Anew: Feel empowered to fully engage in life, unburdened by sciatica pain and bulging disc discomfort, allowing you to pursue your passions and dreams without limitations.

60-Day “Results or Your Money Back” Guarantee

Once your order is placed our team will work hard to get it to you as fast as possible.

You’ll probably want to rip open the package right when you get it, lay your SpineAlign on the floor, and experience immediate pain relief as you feel your spine decompress.

After just one month, you’ll feel like a new person.

But still if you’re not completely satisfied…if your family and friends don’t wonder what’s your new secret...

We at mLab are taking all the risk upon ourselves, and leaving none of it on you.

We’re so confident that SpineAlign can work for anyone, providing relief from sciatica pain, bulging disc discomfort, tension headaches & migraines, that we’re giving you 60 full days to notice the difference.

If you don’t just just email our customer service at

Then return your SpineAlign and we’ll give you all of your money back – Guaranteed!

That way the only way you pay is if you’re completely convinced it works for you.

Consider it a thank you for simply giving SpineAlign a try.

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Stretch your spine to alleviate sharp, shooting sciatica pain

Create space between your vertebrae to relieve discomfort from bulging discs

Potentially shield against the progression to disc herniation

Restores your spine's optimal curvature & embrace healthy posture

Alleviate tension headaches and migraines

Limited Time Promo: 47% Off Pain Relief Patches

Iron-clad, risk-free 60-day guarantee that begins only when you receive the product! If you don't have a positive experience for any reason, contact us any time and we will help you out. 

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