Why One Of America’s Top Physical Therapist Says Your “Old Socks” Could Be Causing Foot Problems
September 17, 2022
The Reality Of Neuropathy Pain:

⇨ What’s the #1 cause of foot problems and foot swelling?

⇨ The “old sock” secret that help ease foot problems.

⇨ The safe at-home ‘5-second morning ritual’ that keeps your feet feeling fresh all day (try this today)

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“Your nerves have an outer casing like a banana” says Doctor of Physical Therapy & U.S. Military Veteran, Richard Neumann.

He points to a drawing on his wall and continues, “That’s the way healthy nerves should look. But in people with foot issues they start to lose their protective coating”

I’m with my husband Paul sitting in the esteemed Richard Neumann’s office, talking about Paul’s foot neuropathy pain. For the first time ever, it was all making sense.

“The problem is, Paul, your neuropathy means that the outer casings around millions of nerves in your feet are being peeled back. And just like leaving an unpeeled banana out in the air, your nerves are shriveling up and dying… which is causing the pain, tingling, and numbness you feel.”

So that led to Paul and I asking the same question….

Is There Anything You Can Do About Foot Problems (Neuropathy Pain)?

Most experts will tell you there’s not much you can do for damaged nerves in the feet.

But if you’ve been in agony with foot pain then hearing “there’s nothing you can do” can be frustrating.

But Dr. Richard Neumann has some good news….

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Multiple studies performed by scientists have shown that a deep tissue massage can offer dramatic relief from foot discomfort.

The problem is, most people don’t have the time or money to get several professional foot massages a day.

But NOW there’s something that has changed all that…

“It sounds strange, but I’ve been giving my patients special massage socks to help with their foot problems” , says Dr. Neumann.

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CompressMD™ use compression technology to squeeze certain points of the foot to improve blood flow and soothe nerve pain

The socks have been designed by a team of pain management experts and podiatrists. The company is called mLab and what they’ve done is remarkable.

They’ve developed a breakthrough fabric and weaving structure unlike anything else. The result is a revolutionary sock with 5 “compression zones” that actively massage key areas of the feet, to soothe neuropathy pain.

“Many of my patients wear these socks all day and never have foot problems again. They say it’s just like having a massage therapist working on their feet 24/7”

Honestly, it sounds too good to be true. But Dr. Neumann insists that anyone with foot pain give them a try.

And so we did!

My Husband’s Experience With CompressMD…
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When we heard about the results people were getting with these socks we ordered a few pairs. When they arrived, we were pleasantly surprised by how “normal” the socks look.

“No way these things are gonna do anything,” my husband said, tossing the socks on the table.

But I convinced him to give them a shot, just for a day.

Within seconds Paul’s eyes lit up.

“OK, These definitely feel different. It’s like they’re pushing the stabbing out of my feet. This is amazing, It’s like someone’s giving me a massage!” he says, grinning ear to ear.

UPDATE: It’s now been 6 weeks and we couldn’t live without CompressMD™️. Paul's stabbing pain, tingling, or numbness have eased considerably and he’s back to his old self. Things have never been better between us. I have my husband back.
Why They Work So Well

It’s because they use breakthrough “compression zone” technology to apply soothing pressure to areas of the feet that need it most.

The extra blood flow keeps those nerves in your feet healthy, which means you enjoy…

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Near-instant relief from stabbing pain or burning
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Feet that almost never feel numb or tingly
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Reduced swelling and tenderness
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Walking, standing, or resting with considerably less pain and discomfort

They’re comfier than normal socks and support your ankles, feet, heels, toes, and arches all day long.

They’re lightweight, breathable, and durable because they use premium moisture wicking fabric.

And thanks to the non-slip cuffs, CompressMD™️ won’t fall down or bunch up — even if you’re walking, running, or squatting down.

Plus, what my husband really loved was that they don’t look any different than normal socks.

Why Thousands Of People Love Their CompressMD™️

It turns out we weren’t the only ones with a great experience. People everywhere are making the switch to CompressMD™️ and are experiencing incredible near-instant relief.

I've always had nagging pain in both feet and as cliche as it sounds, these socks have changed my life!
- Mike Wilson
I've had Plantar Fasciitis problems for over a year - these socks are literally the only thing that's helped ease the pain.
- Ava Herrera
These compression socks have given me pain relief in my left heel like nothing else I've tried before.
- Lisa Jackson
The Verdict? Over 93,000 5-star reviews say CompressMD™️ Socks are amazing...
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“Just received mine in the mail the other day and have been using them nonstop.. the results are fantastic so far... I have almost no pain in my feet and I can walk without issues again. great for heel and neuropathy pain.”
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- Chula Vista, CA
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"I had already tried exercises, orthotics, stretching, icing and even got a cortisone shot to my heel. I have only had these socks for 2 weeks, but have seen improvement already. I also have neuropathy in my feet… So far these socks are amazing"
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John K.
- Ill,CH
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“I’ve been suffering from foot neuropathy ever since I had my 3rd son.. I've been basically limping around all year. These socks gave instant relief as soon as I pulled them over my feet!”
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- NY, NY
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“I am SOO glad I ordered my CompressMD! They arrived quickly and have literally been a lifesaver, AMAZING!!”
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Cecilia B.
- Madison, WI
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“They provide just the right amount of support, are lightweight, and are not irritating to the skin like heavier elastic socks”
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- Villas, NJ
If these socks can actually help foot pain, they must be expensive, right?

But we were stunned to see just how affordable they are.

In fact, when we saw the price, my husband whispered that they’re an absolute steal!

So we bought several pairs because it never hurts to have extra socks in the drawer. And now, Dr. Neumann and his team have even sweetened the deal and are offering a huge discount for new customers, making their prices unbeatable.

RIGHT NOW You can get up to 62%
CompressMD™️ also come with an iron-clad 30-day money back guarantee so they are 100% risk-free to try.

Dr. Neumann told us that if the socks didn’t work for my husband, he’d give us our money back no questions asked.

That same “Doctor’s Guarantee” is being offered to anyone who grabs a pair on this page.

So if you ask me, it’s a no brainer because there’s no risk to try them.

How To Get The Most Out Of CompressMD™️
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Step 1: Wear one or both socks when you wake up like any other pair of socks to help switch off pain, tingling, or numbness.

Step 2: Keep your CompressMD™️on all day, with or without shoes for all-day relief.

Step 3: Go about your day as normal, walking, running, standing, or resting without your feet bothering you again.


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